Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Correcting Cloudy Picture by Photoshop

This practice perhap is not applicable for all pictures, so please do try and check wether is applicable or not. The steps are :

1. Open an cloud-distorted picture in Photoshop CS.
2. Press Ctrl+M to open Curve Tool.
3. Click Auto
4. OK
5. At this state, the cloud dissappears and the pict will look contrast, but it's slightly dark and      reddish.
6. To reduce the reddish effect, click Ctrl+B to open Color Balance Box.
7. Slide away from red toward cyan until the reddish state can be accepted.
8. OK
9. Click Tool, Adjustment, Brightness and Contrast.
10. Increase the Contrast value while previewing the pict.
11. Done