Friday, July 13, 2012

Convert Green Screen Background Photos into Fantasy Photos!

If you are in the show-business, and you are considering to pay a hefty amount for a dream location, think again! Because I am going to suggest you a wondrous option that will help you cut down on all the location expense. Ever heard of green screen backgrounds? Well, you can utilize the technique in creating astonishing fantasy photographs without actually being called a spendthrift! With the use of a software, you can change green screens to extraordinary backgrounds that look real too. You can bring an element of novelty and expertise to your work by using this cutting edge technology.

3D Spline Modeling and Patch Modeling, Introduction

The majority of 3D model creation software packages available, from expensive industry leaders such as 3D Studio Max and Maya, to the popular shareware software Milkshape, utilize polygon meshes as the basis for model making. In what has become a standard in both the game and movie making industry, in polygon modeling, 3d models are created by building a mesh from square-shaped planes consisting of two or more flat triangles.