Monday, November 10, 2008

Flash Functionality In Professional Web Design

We can perform different designing tasks through flash. Some of the tasks that we can perform through flash are vector programs, vector animation, authorizing programs, animation sequencer. Flash allows you to create vector programs. A vector program does not depend upon pixels to compose an image. It draws the shape using individual points described by the co ordinates. Lines connecting these points are termed as paths and the vectors at each point describe the curvature of the path. As these programs are based on mathematical concepts they are compact and scalable.

Flash animation stores compact vector descriptions of frames unlike other media programs that stores pixel information for each frame. This allows flash to display images and movies faster than other bit map based animation programs. Authorizing programs is another important feature given by flash. It can author movies, containing multiple media like sound, stills and moving graphics. It also has interactive multimedia programs that assigns viewer action commands to the movies that it is authorizing.

Animation sequencer is another important feature. It allows you to arrange the sequences so as to form movies. Movies are the organization of different sequences. Each scene can contain number of layers. The layers are stacked through time line. Frames are the units responsible for the illusion of time in the animation. There are two types of frames namely static and key frames. Static frames are used to repeat the content of the prior frame, whereas key frames are used in the case where you want to either place or change the contents. You can animate either by changing the contents on a frame by frame basis, termed as frame, by frame animation or by establishing two key frames and then interpolate the changes between the two, termed as twining.

Every flash file contains its own color pallet which is stored inside the flash file. The user can import and export both solid and gradient color pallets between flash files, as well as between flash and other applications such as macro media fireworks and adobe photo shop. To avoid different color patters available in different browsers always use web safe. Flash displays the colors in a files pallet and color window. You can use the color windows to import, export and modify files color pallet.

Flash provides different sound effects such as sound fade in and fade out. You can play sounds continuously independent of the time line or can synchronize animation to a sound track. You can attach sound to action or simple buttons to make them more responsive. Flash offers two types of sounds namely event sounds and stream sounds. An event sound must be downloaded completely before it starts playing.

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