Friday, February 24, 2012

Photoshop Still the Best ECover Soft Creator - See Why

Hello dear friends! Creating eCovers is one of he most important aspect in any Online business especially if we talk about the vendors. When the product is created the most important is to make it look good and nice in front of potential customers. It's not enough to sell a PDF ebook, report or software just in .exe file format. One of The best way in this case in creating an eCover. A really nice eCover can attract potential buyers or can make them to run away even if the text is well performed because an Online Marketer never know who is he/she audience and different people focus on different aspects. Some of them to the text some to the images, both are important. Well let's talk about graphics and particular about eCover making program.

Today in Online are hundreds programs which offer such service, maybe more. Everybody try to find a fast and best solution, but most of the people and especial beginners forgot that Phototoshop is still the main graphic program for web and in general. Photoshop is a very easy to use for eCovers. It is absolutely based on auto generator converter. It make your cover in front of your screen just by a few mouse clicks. But one of the interesting fact is:
"They try to convince people that eCover is some kind of special skill especially using Photoshop and just urge you to buy a new software as a solution. When you see this kind of advertising hold on, think a while, Put a question in your mind: 'If i use Photoshop why do i need another graphic program, why it the better then my Photoshop? Let's see what Photoshop offers on this subject?'" And believe me the solution is much more simple.
Remember if you are a Photoshop user, is no sense to find other solutions in another programs. If you personally work in Photoshop, everything you need do it in Photoshop, now eCovers too. Doesn't meter if you are freelancer or web designer, Online Marketer, of course you face everyday with such things like banners, logos, all kind of graphics you need for your site or to promote. Today many of those eCover Creating programs use 3d engines to make eCover look like in space but as practice prove sometimes this programs can give a lot of errors and bugs. Photoshop is easy to use because...
#1 The majority already know to work with
#2 The only think you need some Actions Files
#3 All process is very easy and quick, no video card needs, LCD screens...
#4 No additional installments ...
And the most important you save your money in you pocket...Well I can list a lot more off points but this are the main. Creating eCovers is easy and affordable for everybody. Using Photoshop with a special Actions Script files you can create e Covers for your: CD's, DVD's, Software, Ebook's, Report's, spiral Ebook's and a lot more. Save yourself the cash and use your imagination in the way you need...
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