Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Fix Macromedia Flash Player Errors

Many computer programs and online applications (for example, YouTube videos) rely on Macromedia Flash Player for their performance and to provide an extreme level of interaction with computer media.  Unfortunately, this program seems to be the root of a number of confusing Macromedia Flash Player errors.  Fixing these issues is often necessary to use certain web pages, view videos, and play games online.

Common Flash Player Errors
Internet browsers very often encounter Flash Player errors and inform the user that an update is required.
  • To upgrade to the most recent version of Flash Player, simply follow the provided link or search for "Macromedia Flash Player" or "Adobe Flash Player," and follow the installation instructions there.
  • Macromedia was acquired by Adobe, so they are the same product.
  • Be careful to not confuse Adobe Flash Player with Adobe Reader.  These are two different programs requiring separate installations -- having a current Adobe Reader does not mean that Adobe Flash Player is up to date.
Simply installing the latest Flash Player may not fix the problem.  Often the user will find that the correct version of Flash Player is already installed and that error messages persist.  If this is the case, it is likely that some components of an earlier version of Flash remain on the hard drive.
This problem is localized in the computer's registry, a place in a Windows machine that stores data referring to user preferences, program installation and deletion, and other background files that allow a PC to function.
Remove Older Versions of Flash Player
If the computer is running the correct version of Flash Player and errors are still present, it will be necessary to remove previous versions from the hard drive.  This requires a special technique, even if the user has used the Add/Remove feature to uninstall Flash Player.
Adobe offers a special "Uninstallation Tool" that claims to ensure the complete removal of the program from the hard drive.Once the uninstallation is complete, re-install the correct version of Flash Player on the computer.
All other programs--especially web browsers--need to be closed and not running to ensure a complete installation of Flash.  The computer may even need to be shut down and restarted in order for all programs (and browsers) to recognize the current version of Flash Player
Continuing Problems with Macromedia Flash Player
If these suggestions do not solve the issue, it may be that the computer's registry continues to contain fragments of data pertaining to older versions of Flash that need to be cleared in order to stop seeing Flash Player errors.
Regular maintenance of your computer is the best way to ensure that these types of errors don't get out of hand.  Fix Macromedia Flash Player errors using a trusted registry cleaner to repair damaged files and clean up cluttered entries.
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