Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vector Art Conversion – Advance the Graphics of an Image

Raster and Vector are the two types of graphic design software which are used in the creation and suppression of digital images. But what is the thing that differentiates both these graphic design software's? If you are still jumbled up with questions in your mind then read further to get a clear knowledge about the two processes.
Raster is nothing but an image formed with a summation of millions of pixels. It is often used as a conception of bitmap. As Raster is one of the most simple and rapid way of image bitmapping it can be used as a bit plane representation. But this process suffers from various limitations.
You may lose many of the pixels rows while shrinking the size of the image or you may enlarge the pixel size by increasing the image size. To put it in simple terms, pixels begin to part away from each other while enlarging the image and due to this the clarity of the image is lost. The above factors make it very difficult to scale the image. Picture restoration can be done successfully by opting for Raster type of images.
An image twisted with the straight or curved lines can be termed as a Vector image. Scaling expediency is one of the greatest advantages of vector artwork. It helps the user to work on the particulars of the element of unlike sizes of an image. Vector artwork uses mathematical formulas to portray the color of substance and spatial location. As compared to the Raster images, vector artwork provides undersized image files. Here the user is at the liberty to fix the display or print device as per his convenience. The software's which are used in representing the vector images are highly complex in nature.
Vector images are anytime much more advantageous then the raster drawings. One can easily convert tovector images from raster images. As a vector image comprises of arcs, polygons, lines, etc. one can make it bigger indefinitely without compromising the clarity. Most of the times vector art conversion leads to the loss of information regarding the isolated image elements which the program fails to portray properly. A superior quality scan is required to convert to vector from Raster. Image quality plays a vital role and therefore a superior quality scanner is needed to scan the raster to vector converted paper drawings. If in the scanned drawings, two lines gets combined and appear as a single line it becomes very thorny to figure out during the conversion from raster to vector that the same should be separated or not. After scanning the Raster image, one should ensure that no alignment or scaling problem exists.
The basic requirement of working with a digital file in a CAD system is the conversion of the files from raster to vector. This vector art conversion process is also known as Vectorization. There are various methods through which one can perform vector art conversion process. Many companies like the Hitachi, Softelec, GTX, etc. provide raster to vector conversion software packages.
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