Sunday, June 14, 2009

Printing On Shirts And T Shirts

Getting t-shirt printed is liked by everyone. T-shirt printing presses make sounds as the warm weather approaches because they make loads of t-shirts for sports tournaments, company barbecues, and favorite corner bar. These days t-shirts have become a universal symbol of good times and brand awareness worldwide. One cannot take the responsibility of printing of t-shirts lightly as it affects the business a lot. Whenever a t-shirt printing project comes off poorly, the brand comes in a bad light. One should not panic on getting an order of printing t-shirts. On following some simple steps, you can save yourself lots of heartache and dollars. Experience is the biggest weapon in this world. Once you get familiar with work then it becomes an easy task. The best technique of printing t- shirts is screen printing. In case you are doing one-off shirts, heat transfer paper is fine. Also it is great for working out your design ideas, too. If the time comes to do a big run of shirts, you'll likely go the screen printing route. Secondly one should leave plenty of time for t-shirts to be printed. You should be clear about the drop dead date for delivery of the printed t-shirts. One week should be added in a week's worth of cushion and work the schedule backwards. Third step to be followed is to limit the number of colors in the design. One should simply avoid usage of more and more colors as by doing so the cost increases. Thus a large amount of money can be saved by cutting down on the number of colors. Also one should create the artwork in a vector drawing program. In case you want to do your computer design work in a vector drawing program, such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel DRAW, or Macromedia Free hand then do not use a paint program such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Thus generally speaking, the stencils need to be cut from vectors, rather than pixels (paint). Also you should have a design pro handle the prep work. A killer logo might have been designed by you but it should be made sure that it will print properly and economically. In case you are working with a good t-shirt printer, you should be able to hand off your design and have them take care of all of the technical details. One should also know that they may very well charge you for that service. A person in the industry of printing t-shirts should always take pre orders. Also you should get folks to commit to reserving their shirts before you place the order. By doing this one saves in the long run. Also you should not order more shirts than required.

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John Bush is a professional fashion designer with 10 years of experience in the Custom Printed T shirts design and Screen Printing T Shirts design field.

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