Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simple Guidelines to Designing an Effective Logo by: Wain Roy

Logos build up your online identity and as such should reflect your business objectives as well as effuse professionalism. Without these, your brand might sink into oblivion. Over the years, the logo designing industry has been significantly expanding. A good logo designer is one who combines his artistic skill with good business sense.

Designing a logo requires skill and method. An amateur might consider the logo design job as a mere simple one. The task is essentially simple for good artists. Before designing a logo, make sure you have the following:

• Knowledge of the company/organization/business.

• The company name or initials; ask the client whether he needs a symbolic logo or a text logo.

• Check if the company has a tagline.

• Know the color preferences of the client. Many clients prefer specifying the logo color while some leave it to the imagination of the graphic artist. Color choice may also depend on the industry. For instance, an eco printer business will essentially need a touch of green in its logo to emphasize on its environmental aspect.

• Style of the logo- Logo style depends generally on client choice; they might opt for an illustrated logo, a vector logo, or a 3D logo.

This knowledge is enough to proceed with the first draft of the logo design http://www.mycorporatelogo.com/ . Once you get the concept right, you can be assured of moving on the right track. The rest becomes easier with client feedback. A good logo designer thus works on a step by step process to design an eye-catching logo.

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